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Saturday, September 18, 2010

Generous Unorthodoxy

Brian McLaren's new book "A new kind of Christianity" asserts 19th century liberalism and ignores the creeds of historical Christianity." Here are the links to a couple solid review articles posted earlier this year by Scot McKnight and Tim Challies.

And/or, watch a panel discussion between Albert Mohler, Jim Hamilton, Bruce Ware, Stephen Wellum, and Gregory Wills

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  1. I agree with Scot McKnight's assessment of McLaren's evolutionary hermeneutic. The 19th century theology that McLaren is propagating is far from new. Though, it appears that the church is doing a good job of shelving this one, believing scholars and theologians must continue to point out the flaws of such a hermeneutic, lest the broken and susceptible believe and are led astray.