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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Some Reviews of the NIV 2011

Here are some (UPDATED) links to a few scholarly reviews of the new NIV. Please let me know of any posted reviews that I haven't included so I can add them.

Read the new NIV, the translator's notes, and relevant discussion posts here.

An interview with Doug Moo (translation committee chair)

A Radio interview with Denny Burk

Trevin Wax's blog

Craig Blomberg's blog

Review by The Council on Biblical Manhood & Womanhood

Ben Witherington's Review

Kevin DeYoung's blog

SBC Voices Review (Southern Baptist Convention)

Some great info graphic (including the one below)


  1. My primary concern with the dawning of this new translation is for Christian unity between God fearing and well-meaning Christians. Whether you are a complementarian or egalitarian, there is room for disagreement and acceptance... mature Christian's will walk in it.

  2. Just for fun I used LOGOS to create comparison or Romans 8 in both translations.

    Josh Hunt
    Good Questions Have Groups Talking

  3. The more I use the NIV 2011 vs. the NIV 1984 in practice, the more questions I have about the translation principles behind the 2011.

    E.g., here is the second half of Psalm 17:14 as I had understood it in the 35 or so years I've been a Christian:

    You still the hunger of those you cherish;
    their sons have plenty,
    and they store up wealth for their children.

    But in the NIV 2011 it becomes:

    May what you have stored up for the wicked fill their bellies;
    may their children gorge themselves on it,
    and may there be leftovers for their little ones.

    In the 1984 translation the verse is one of reassurance for God's followers; in the new translation it almost becomes a curse of spite against the wicked, including against infants (inclusive language or not).

    These changes make me wonder: What's the translation principle? Could it be that in 1984 we were so clueless about what Hebrew texts meant? The example above shows it's not just pedantic, but the changes have potential to affect faith and practice for good or evil.

    Any clarifications appreciated.

  4. Hi Cliff, I must say that I have never been a NIV fan, but after reading your quotes I have checked out a couple of commentaries.
    It seems in my reading that the new NIV is a more apt reading. It all depends on whether v 14b is tied vs 13 + 14a or whether to vs 15
    I'm no expert

  5. Paul McCain (LCMS) of Cyberbrethern and (WELS)have a number of helpful reviews of the 2011 NIV

  6. New NIV11 review: