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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

How Can We Vote to the Glory of God?

How Can We Vote to the Glory of God?


  1. You can't vote for the glory of God by an elementary reason: THERE IS NO GOD AT ALL! This is just a fantasy used to control other peoples lives.

  2. This might have been a drive-by comment, but I'll chime in anyway.

    Nat: No doubt you are right that religion has been used to control other people's lives (e.g. Jonestown cult). It can be dangerous stuff. Of course anti-religious ideology has been used the same way (e.g. USSR).

    I see you have a blog entitled "I refuse to be stupid". I take that as an honest goal. So let me ask you some questions:

    (1) Does controlling other peoples' lives explain ALL religious belief? I don't think that comes close to explaining all the empirical data. Like Marx and Freud, you have an element of truth, but you're being inaccurately reductionistic. Perhaps you're universalizing your own personal experience? (All intellectuals have to watch out for that.)

    (2) Even though religion has sometimes been used to control other people's lives, would that disprove the existence of God? Philosophers would point out your logical fallacy here (e.g. the genetic fallacy).

    Blessings on your intellectual journey.

  3. Nat,
    I am intrigued and would like to hear more about your worldview. I appreciate your challenge, but can you level a more formable argument…one that is not trying to control people of course (actually I’m kidding… we both know that accusation cannot be made without also incriminating oneself)? By-the-way... you're welcome to comment anytime.