Theology for the Long Haul

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Which Kingdom Are You Living For, Really?

"The Good News is packaged and marketed (using, uncritically, all techniques of modern advertising) as a religious product: offering "peace of mind," "how to get to heaven," "health and prosperity," "inner healing," "the answer to all your problems," etc. What is promoted as "faith in God" often tums out to be a means for obtaining emotional security or material blessing in this life and an insurance policy in the next. This kind of preaching leaves the status quo untouched. It does not raise fundamental and disturbing questions about the assumptions upon which people build their lives. It does not threaten the false gods in whose name the creation of God has been taken over; indeed it actually reinforces their hold on their worshippers..."

The Costume Kingdom: "The Costume Kingdom from the Desiring God blog."

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