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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

"Love Wins" Reviewed (Updated)

Rob Bell's new book has been keeping bloggers up late. Here are some reviews of the book by people who have read it. Feel free to leave your comments below.

Tim Challies (Author, Book Editor)

Kevin DeYoung (Pastor, Author)

Trevin Wax (Author, Book Reviewer) - this one is more about the evangelical reaction

Greg Boyd (Theologian, Pastor)

Richard Mouw (President of Fuller Theological Seminary)

Ben Witherington (NT Scholar) (Witherington is writing a post for each chapter...this might be the most thorough review online. Be sure to read them all)
Darrel Bock (NT Scholar) (7 Part Series)

Christianity Today (Book Review: Rob Bell's Bridge Too Far)

CNN Talks about Zondervan's parting ways with Rob Bell

D.A. Carson (N.T. Scholar) (his thoughts from the Gospel Coalition Conference)
                               Click below for MP3

Mark Driscoll (Pastor, Author)
Scot McKnight's article in Relevant Magazine

John Byron (NT Scholar) (5 Part Series)

Al Mohler (President of Southern Baptist Theological Seminary) (2 Part Series)

Timothy Tennent (President of Asbury Theological Seminary)(4 Part Series)

Scot McKnight (NT Scholar) (9 Part Series)

Michael Horton (Theologian) (9 Part Series)

Micahel Bird (NT Scholar and Blogger) (5 part series so far)


  1. To be honest I'm torn. I have a desire to read the book to be able to discuss the content. At the same time I also feel the same amount of Rob-bell-discussion overload that I feel after my monthly middle school girls sleepover. I just can't take one more discussion about Rob Bell or Justin Bieber.

  2. When I uploaded this photo I considered renaming the post: " Gargamel Eats an Imaginary Hamburger."
    If you don't remember Gargamel here is the Wiki link.

  3. Ben Witherington's review of chapter 6 is outstanding.