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Saturday, March 26, 2011

5 Ways To Make Your Kids Hate Church

In our culture we see it time and again...parents who thought making their kids go to church would automatically make them Christians. By now I think we (parents) have come to realize that God expects more from us. Thomas Weaver has put together a helpful short-list for parents and future parents.

"[First] make sure your faith is only something you live out in public

Go to church... at least most of the time. Make sure you agree with what you hear the preacher say, and affirm on the way home what was said especially when it has to do with your kids obeying, but let it stop there. Don’t read your bible at home. The pastor will say everything you need to hear on Sundays. Don’t engage your children in questions they have concerning Jesus and God. Live like you want to live during the week so that your kids can see that duplicity is ok."

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