Theology for the Long Haul

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

New Blog and C.S. Lewis on Marriage

I found this new blog today... it's worth checking out. Below is a snippit from the post on marriage...

"...we hear Jesus' remarks about how the two most important commands are to love God and others as ourselves and think "How can love be commanded?" "Isn't it something that must be genuinely felt and not forced on another person?" While it is true that it shouldn't be forced, Lewis argues that it can be commanded since it is a matter of the will. This flies in the face of our popular view of love as purely emotional. I either feel like I love you, or I don't. However, the type of love in a marriage covenant is unconditional. This view of marriage commands both partners to love their spouse at all times. Even times we don't feel like it. This brings to mind a concept that I have been ruminating on for some time. It is what I call "The Discipline of Love."

Read the rest here...


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