Theology for the Long Haul

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

He Is Born!

But we believe in the Incarnation, not because we can make complete sense of it, but because it makes sense of everything else...

How can someone cry out, I need thee, precious Jesus, for I am full of sin, if Jesus is a mere man? Or what can he do but judge us if he is only God? The reality of our sin can only be put to right by the Incarnation. We have committed the highest offense against the highest and most worthy Being. But Jesus can both sympathize with our needs and fully atone for our sins. How?

The Son, in putting on the form of a servant, did not lose any of his glorious perfections. He is eternally great. Yet he took to himself a nature that can be stricken and bruised, that can be cursed and forsaken, and that can bleed and die. The Son did not change his divinity into humanity, nor confound the two natures into one, but united the two in one Lord and Savior.

He Is Born!

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