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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

5 Things I Will Be Doing This Year to Deepen my Relationship With Christ

1. Read my Bible - I usually read at least a chapter from the Bible everyday. I don't follow a reading plan so much as study through books of the Bible. On the tougher days I might read from the Psalms (it's great to read about God "smashing the teeth of the wicked" when you're mad at someone).

2. I am reading the Morning and Evening devotional written by Charles Hadden Spurgeon. You can download a free ebook copy here This is a solid and time-tested devotional.

3. Walk with Jesus - For a while now I have been in the habit of imagining myself walking and talking with Jesus. I know this sounds flaky (it still does to me), but what I can't deny is that Jesus has ministered to me during these times. Give it a try sometime. Look into a landscape photo or imagine your own landscape, and picture Jesus there with you.

4. Pray with my wife and children before we go to bed - This provides a great way, not only to connect with my wife and sons spiritually, but also as a way to lead my family by example. I pray that in the future my sons will pray because they saw that it was important to me.

5. Spend more time at home - I feel closer to God when I'm spending time with my family. It isn't that seminary and bus driving are necessarily less wholesome activities, but I'm coming to recognize that home is where Christ's love is (or should be) shared and experienced most intimately. In other words, I feel Christ's love best, when I'm experiencing it through my wife and kids. And maybe they understand Jesus as the "bridegroom" and God as a Father if I am being a loving husband and father.

This is my plan...what's yours?

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