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Monday, January 10, 2011

Why "Higher Biblical Criticism" Ain't So High

"I particularly love this crisis because I’ve experienced it myself. The basic storyline goes like this: good Bible-believing Christian student goes to college. College Religion department employs professor who takes arrogant pleasure in deconstructing the Christian faith. Professor appeals to “higher criticism” while stroking beard convincingly in order to discount, discredit, and discourage Christian theism. Student feels stupid in front of classmates, has crisis of faith, and begins to doubt prior convictions."

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  1. Great Post. I’m positive that Bob's counsel has encouraged and emboldened many would be discouraged students. In my opinion, the modern era critical tools are loosing a lot of steam in contemporary generations. The tools themselves are not evil, but wielded without humility they have disrupted the faith of many good-hearted Christians. Contemporay Biblical scholarship needs two things in my opinion: 1) Jesus – there are quite a few academics poking around the Biblical text who have not experienced a saving faith in Christ; and 2) HUMILITY