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Thursday, June 16, 2011

If the complexity of our human genome requires 10,000 original persons, how many persons does it take to pay for the sins of billions?

Some times I read what my brothers and sisters in Christ are saying, and I am confused. Christianity Today recently published an article on the Historical Adam. In this article it was noted that recent research confirms the need for 10,000 original human persons to account for the complexity of the human genome. The question the readers are left with is whether this new research disproves a literal Adam and Eve. Here is my question. Does God work in miraculous and supernatural ways? If He does, than why would humanity have to originate with 10,000 people?

Why are Christians even tempted to be naturalists?

Is it possible to be a naturalist and a Christian?

Here is the tough question. If God was not able to birth humanity from an original couple made in His image, than is He able to save us by sending his Son to die on a cross? If believing in Adam and Eve is foolish, than belief that God came to the earth, lived as a man, died for our sins, and rose from the dead is far more foolish.

If you are a Christian, than you're faith and salvation are based upon some things that human beings will never be able to test,verify, or explain.

Believe me, I am not an advocate for ignoring new research. Christians need to deal with science's reasonable conclusions, but I am not willing to doubt the Genesis account because it is unreasonable. The very nature of miracles is that they do not make sense. If we don't serve a supernatural God, than we are fooling ourselves if we think that faith in God has any value at all.

Just my thoughts what are yours.?
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