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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

New Testament Textbook I'm Looking At For My Students

Since I was given the responsibility of developing curriculum for the High School students in the SCBEST (Spartanburg County Bible Education in School Time) program this coming year, I have been researching New Testament and Old Testament surveys. In this endeavor I have sought out a text that is; informative, formative, accessible to high schoolers, and reasonably affordable. I have found this text to be excellent in all of these categories. The text provides both excellent (while concise) contextual information (including lots of relevant color photos), and good (yet accessible) interpretations of the Biblical text. One unique aspect of the text is that it orders the books by author, and seeks to convey the authors' pastoral intent. I really like it. Since it is accessible for high schoolers, it is accessible to anyone interested in knowing more about the New Testament and its context. I highly recommend it.

You can buy it here for $16.49 with free shipping...

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