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Friday, April 1, 2011

Richard Hays on Why Christians Need Eschatology

An interesting review of Richard Hays' article Why Do You Stand Looking Up Toward Heaven? from Michael Bird.

"The church needs apocalyptic eschatology for the gospel’s political critique of pagan culture. The biting edge to Christian eschatology is that Jesus is the Lord to whom every leader and government will one day bow (Phil 2:9-11). Christian apocalypticism reminds us that Caesar’s power (in whatever form it takes) might claim to be totalitarian, but in fact it is transient. Christian loyalty to the Lord means resistance to the power, politics, and pleasures of the world around us. If we train our eyes on the ultimate reversal of fortunes then we will never become accommodated or complacent with the status quo in an injust world."

Here is the link to the rest...

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