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Friday, April 22, 2011

There is no such thing as a Cross-less Christ!

I read this post from Micahel Kelly this morning, and thought it communicated a relevant truth...check it out!

"There is an ongoing discussion regarding professional athletes and the hall of fame for their respective sports. The discussion enters debate when an athlete should clearly be included in history because of their performance on the field, but they have some glaring incident or character flaw that plagued them during or after their career. Can such a person be admitted?

Some say yes – that the hall of fame’s purpose is to memorialize exceptional performances on the field. Their personal life is insignificant.

Historians argue the same issue when evaluating presidential terms. Sure, he did wonderful things in the world and for the economy, but is his legacy tainted by accusations of sexual misconduct and explosive anger?

I’m not here to answer either question, but allow it to illustrate a question about Jesus this Holy Week. For there are many who dearly love the teachings of Jesus in all their rebellious love and extravagant grace and audacious freedom, and yet do not want to talk about the cross. It’s an unfortunate period to the story of this great teacher, and so we would do better to play up the teachings and play down the blood and the guts and the gore."

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