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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Travel Plaza Tuesdays: Where Have All the Overalls Gone?

On a drive home, I heard a news story about a recently conducted study at Kenyon College. Researchers carefully evaluated 5,666 items of girls clothing found in the children’s department at popular retailers (not juniors) to see what percentage of items were sexualized in nature (read more about the study at

The result? 30%.

As I cruised down the street, my eyes flickered to my two boys in the backseat. Feeling dismayed by the new knowledge that push-up bras for seven year-olds are sold at Abercrombie Kids, I found solace in the thought, “I’m so glad I have sons. I will never have to deal with this.” We passed a soccer field just as a panel began to discuss “what on earth possesses a parent to plunk down money for skimpy shorts with bedazzling on the booty for their recent preschool grad?”

As I mulled over the points made about safety and loss of childhood, I thought about the lessons a parent teaches their daughter about value when they dress her in provocative clothing. For $24.99, a little girl is taught to show off her body to find value from an on looking world. What a challenge it will be for such a little girl to ever remove the lie that her body is a tool for approval! How foreign will be the reality that value and worth are not found in sexualizing herself for anyone who cares to see, but in Christ’s love that bled and bore her sins!

I sat at a light and watched the kids playing on the soccer field. Little boys and girls ran towards the goal together, and it occurred to me I wasn’t off the hook. The little girls in halter tops will grow up alongside my sons. They will sit next to each other in class from now until high school graduation. As my sons grow, I need to teach them to look at women with the value that Christ puts on them. Because they will either echo the voice of the world, or the voice of the Lord to their female peers. My heart goes out to my friends with little girls. Teaching modesty and true beauty in a world hostile to the idea will be no easy task. Please know: You will not fight alone.

I will work hard to raise sons who will support your efforts.

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